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Increasing Distance May 12, 2010

Posted by The Barefoot MD in : Health, Running , add a comment

I’m trying to increase my distance.  Tonight I ran 2.4 miles . . . 100% barefoot.  My feet aren’t quite there yet.  The balls of my feet are a little tender, but I didn’t cut my feet open or get a blister.  The soleus muscle in both legs is letting me know I worked them harder than I’ve worked them previously.  It feels good.  My endurance is increasing and I feel like I’m getting in better shape.

When I decided running was going to be my main exercise, I was worried about the impact and chronic running injuries.  Again, I’ve never been much of a long distance runner.  My events in track consisted of the 100, 200, and 400.  Kicking off the shoes has changed all that.  I took notice tonight as I ran of the lack of impact throughout my body.  It’s amazing how much shock absorption the arches, achilles, calf muscles, and quad muscles give.  I’m eagerly anticipating the time when my feet are adequately toughened up and appropriately strengthened.