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Barefoot Running, The Book May 20, 2010

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You know, it’s not fun to have David gone all week.  In fact, I can ONLY take one more week of medical school rotations before I QUIT!  🙂  (He finishes med school on the 28th of May.)

I’m always trying to entice David to drive the three hour commute every day so we (meaning our adorable children) can see him more than just on the weekends.  I mean, what is a three hour commute everyday?  NOTHING I tell you.  NOTHING.

A special little package arrived in the mail this week for David, and to my surprise, I actually called him and asked him for permission to open it. (Usually, I claim wife rights on everything and open anything that has his name on it. After all, what’s mine is mine and what’s his is mine too, right?)

He was just as surprised as I was that I just didn’t go ahead and dive right into opening it.  (Hey.  I’m making small strides in the right direction . . .)

David pre-ordered this book a couple of months ago.  (Look!  It’s signed!)

It only took like, YEARS to come, (please, don’t do the math on that one) but it FINALLY came.

I dangled this book in front of him like a carrot to a reindeer, but he still didn’t put the petal to the metal and high tail it back to Utah County to retrieve it.  (And trust me, he’s been WAITING for this book to come!)

Actually, that’s good.  Right?  I should be concerned if a book motivated him to make the long drive home and not our sassy, sweet smelling children, right?


I kind of told him that I might read it before him.  Seriously, he knows I’m kidding.  I mean, WHO AM I KIDDING?  I don’t even have time to got the bathroom alone, (remember how I’ve been single parenting it during the week for the last three months?) where would I find time to read a book?

Looks like a good read and  you should go pick it up!