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Learn How to Listen May 24, 2010

Posted by The Barefoot MD in : Health, Running , 1 comment so far

If there’s one thing I’ve taken out of Barefoot Running through chapter 4, it’s LISTEN TO YOUR BODY.  Michael Sandler does a great job at describing what we truly have within us.  He describes kicking off your shoes akin to plugging your feet into a supercomputer.  I’ve mentioned it before that proprioception, or knowing where our body is in space, is a key ingredient to our balance and he does a great job at tying things together.  He doesn’t recommend a rigid training schedule . . . he recommends listening to your body which is going to tell you to go slow when transitioning to barefoot running.  If you don’t feel like your body can handle the miles . . . stop and go home.  If you’re feeling extra energetic, keep going!  So far, I’m giving it a thumbs up and looking forward to learning more.

Happy running!