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Learn How to Listen May 24, 2010

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If there’s one thing I’ve taken out of Barefoot Running through chapter 4, it’s LISTEN TO YOUR BODY.  Michael Sandler does a great job at describing what we truly have within us.  He describes kicking off your shoes akin to plugging your feet into a supercomputer.  I’ve mentioned it before that proprioception, or knowing where our body is in space, is a key ingredient to our balance and he does a great job at tying things together.  He doesn’t recommend a rigid training schedule . . . he recommends listening to your body which is going to tell you to go slow when transitioning to barefoot running.  If you don’t feel like your body can handle the miles . . . stop and go home.  If you’re feeling extra energetic, keep going!  So far, I’m giving it a thumbs up and looking forward to learning more.

Happy running!

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1. Kelley - May 24, 2010

I had an interesting first-time experience with bare-foot running this weekend. My family and I went to the St. Louis Zoo in Saturday. It was a hot day, and I wore flip-flops. One of my sons did, too. About two hours into our excursion, he complained that his feet were hurting him. We suggested taking off his shoes and going barefoot. He thought that was a great idea and I did, too, so I followed suit. I was amazed at how good it felt to walk barefooted through the rest of the zoo.

The truly surprising part came at the end, though. Just as we were leaving the zoo, I had to turn back for something, and Jon and the kids went on ahead. I didn’t realize how far ahead they were, though, and by the time I followed they were WAY ahead. I had to run about a 1/4 mile to reach them, and since it’s impossible to go very fast or far in flip-flops, I kicked them off and ran. It felt SOOOO good! As a matter of fact, my feet felt better after running barefooted than they did in my padded, “comfy” flip-flops. I think I’m hooked! 🙂