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First 5K May 31, 2010

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This morning at 6:00 am I woke up to the sound of the alarm on my iPhone.  Today was my first “official” race with minimalist shoes and new stride.  The sky was beautiful and the temperature was a crisp 50° F.  I wasn’t expecting to win anything as I’m still working into my new stride and didn’t want to kill myself.  One thing I noticed right away in this photo . . . look at what part of the foot most of the people are landing on.  OUCH!

I don’t mean to say that my form is perfect . . . because looking at other images from the race, I’ve got a lot of improving to do, but notice I’m about to land on the forefoot of my left foot.  Much less impact than a heel strike.  I decided to go with the Vibram Five Fingers (VFFs) this morning as I knew I was going to be on the asphalt most of the time and I know my feet aren’t quite ready for barefoot on 100% asphalt.

Yes, lots of people asked me about my shoes.

Yes, lots of people gasped when I told them I usually run barefoot.

Come to think if it, this is the longest race I’ve ever participated in.  In high school, I ran track.  My events were the 100, 200, 400, and associated relays.  I always hated long distance running.  It hurt a bit in the lungs while I was running, but I’m feeling great now!

It was a bit humbling when my 80 year old neighbor passed me at the end of the second mile, but also inspiring since he had a great time.  That’s my goal . . . to be running and functional up till the day I die.

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