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Advantages of Barefoot Running, Part II June 1, 2010

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Advantage #2

Your barefoot shoes are really light.

Consider Nike’s most expensive running shoe, the Nike Air Max+ 2009 iD Running Shoe.  This shoe has a price of $185 at Nike.com.  I pick the most expensive shoe because when something costs this much . . . I expect a lot out of the product.  Nike lists this shoe as weighing 12.8 ounces for a men’s size 9.  I wear an 11 so it’ll probably be a few more ounces . . . a little closer to a pound.  For simplicity, I’ll use the weight they give on their site.

Let’s say I decided to run a 5K . . . just for fun.  Every mile, I can expect to lift my feet a total of 2,000 times between the two of them (that’s the best estimate I could quickly find via google . . . nothing really scientific for that number).  Let’s add that up.  12.8 ounces lifted 2,000 times per mile for 3.1 miles.  That’ll equal 6,200 steps at 12.8 ounces per step for a grand total of 4,960 lbs.  Woah!  You’ll end up lifting more than two tons in shoe weight in a 5K!  What if you run a marathon?  2,000 steps for 26.2 miles equals 52,400 steps.  At 12.8 ounces you’ll end up lifting 41,920 lbs!  I’d have to say running barefoot is a bit more efficient.

Enjoy the efficiency!

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1. Rebecca F. - June 2, 2010

Hi David

I saw (or maybe noticed?) a barefoot runner for the first time today! He was running along a bike path and Elizabeth asked me about why he had no shoes on. Didn’t I feel smart to be able to answer her and tell her about other cultures. LOL.

Very cool. Although I am not on board, I was glad that you had shared. I enjoy learning new things.