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Vibram Five Fingers and a Rock Wall June 7, 2010

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Last Saturday, we went to the carnival at Pony Express Days 2010 in Eagle Mountain, UT.  Of course, I wore my Vibram Five Fingers (VFFs).  I would have been barefoot, but I just don’t think it would have been the best environment . . . I’m into going barefoot, but not that much.  Plus, I don’t think they would have let me on all the rides without my shoes.

Just before we left, I noticed a rock wall.  After watching a few people attempt the climb with the highest difficulty, I noticed something on top of the cable support.  A $20 bill.  If you climb the route, hit the bell, and reach the $20 . . . it’s yours.

I thought it was worth the $5 for the fun of the climb and two chances to make $15.  I learned a few things.

  1. If you’re going to make it to the $20, be in good climbing shape.
  2. Make sure you get it on the first attempt as you won’t be as fresh on the second attempt.
  3. I’m glad I’ve been working on my foot/toe strength as the VFFs don’t quite offer the same support as climbing shoes.

All in all, they worked well as climbing shoes.  The rubber isn’t quite as sticky as climbing shoes, but they certainly would work in a pinch if you needed to shimmy up the side of a cliff.

. . . oh, and I didn’t quite make it to the cash, but I did ring the bell. 🙂

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