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My Lungs are Lagging June 8, 2010

Posted by The Barefoot MD in : Health, Running , trackback

I’ve been listening to my body for the past few days and it’s been telling me that I need to rest and recover from running for a time . . . until this morning.  I went out for a little run this morning and ended up going two miles . . . barefoot . . . partly on the road and partly on the sidewalk.  I stepped on a few pebbles that made me take notice, and one wedged itself into the joint under my left big toe and made me feel like I had developed a blister.  So, I stopped and looked . . . brushed it off (happy it wasn’t a blister) and went on my way.  My feet are getting tougher, my muscles are getting stronger, but my lungs are lagging behind.  I was a bit winded at the end of the two miles, but I’m glad I went.  I love the hours after a run or good exercise.  Your body truly rewards you for working it.

Enjoy your health!

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1. Kelley - June 10, 2010

I went barefoot running for the first time this morning. Because I’m just getting started, I only planned on going around our block. I was surprised at how exhilarating it was to run with no shoes on. I was also very surprised that my lungs gave out before my feet did. It’s been a long time since I’ve run much since I tend to be plagued by injuries. I’m hoping that this way will allow me to run without the injuries. I can definitely see what you like about this, though I must admit that the tips of my toes were a bit sore for an hour or two afterwards. 🙂

2. The Barefoot MD - June 11, 2010

Nice work, Kelley!