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Barefoot Walk June 10, 2010

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It was about 5:30 pm and the wind was blowing.  We just put our son down for the night.  I asked, “Do you guys want to go for a barefoot walk?”  Surprisingly, Emily (the supposed other contributor to this blog) said, “Yes.”  We all grabbed a jacket to shield us from the whipping winds and set off on our little walk.

It’s good to have everything you need to walk, run, play, whatever your pleasure.  Your feet are an amazing part of your body.  I felt a bit like a kid tonight . . . traipsing down the sidewalk with nothing on my feet but the dust I picked up along the way.

Hannah, one of our barefooters-in-training, insisted she hold the dog’s leash.  She ended up jogging most of the way.  It was interesting to watch her perfect barefoot running form . . . self taught.  Kids are pros at listening to their bodies.  What kid do you know that pushes through the pain?  I guess getting back into the barefoot experience of life helps us learn to be like kids again.

Enjoy the summer barefoot!

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