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My Feet Have Changed August 23, 2010

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True to my desire to give barefooting a good try, I have only had three different situations surrounding my feet.  If I’m in a somewhat dressy situation, such as church, I wear my Sanuk Boardrooms.  If I have to enter a public building where shoes are required, but it’s not a dressy situation, my footwear of choice is my Vibram Five Fingers.  Every other situation I go sans shoes or any other type of foot covering.  So, being summer and all, I’ve been shoe-less quite often.

Of course, I’m still running barefoot.  Just this past Wednesday, I ran/walked (mostly ran) 4.5 miles.  This was quite a unique run.  Not only was I barefoot, but it was also dusk when I started.  It’s amazing how the senses in your feet really compensate for diminishing amount of eyesight you have at night.  I hit a few pebbles on the trail, but my body did exactly what it was meant to do.  My body’s reflex made me do a double-step.  The pebbles were no more than split-second annoyances.

As I’ve continued running barefoot and utilizing the muscles and structure of my feet the way they were designed, I noticed something that I had read was going to happen.  My feet have gotten bigger.  I used to have the most narrow feet.  Now . . . They’re beefy.  They’ve really bulked up in the mid/forefoot.  What really made me notice the change was about a week ago I was sitting in church in my Sanuk Boardrooms.  My feet were feeling kind of claustrophobic so I kicked them off.  It was like taking a breath after being underwater for several minutes.  It felt good.  It was that moment I connected: my my shoes didn’t used to fit like that.  It’s been a very gradual thing, but as I’ve read from several sources . . . my feet got bigger.  I haven’t measured my height to see if I’ve gotten taller, but it wouldn’t surprise me if I grow a centimeter or so.  🙂

Here’s to the amazing ability of our bodies to adapt to nearly any situation in which we put them.

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1. peter f - July 6, 2011

I just noticed this about my feet too. I have been running in VFFs for 2 years and i now think my feet are getting more muscular but also a bit flatter. my shoe size has definitely changed…very cool