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The Long Winter February 1, 2011

Posted by The Barefoot MD in : Diet, Health, Running, Thoughts , trackback

It has been a bit of a long Winter . . . and with a high temperature in the next 10 days of 37°F, and a low of -4°F it’s clearly not over.  I got all gussied up to fight the cold with a new beard and some nice base layers, but it hasn’t worked out like I’d envisioned.  It turns out I’m pretty much a wimp when it comes to cold weather, but that should not come as a surprise to anyone who knows me.  Whenever I am asked where our family will settle down . . . I invariably say, “somewhere warm.”  After living in the Caribbean for more than two years, I learned to value warm weather.  I don’t mind the cold . . . for a short time.  I really enjoy being able to wear shorts and a t-shirt every day.  Although, I have made good use of my base layers by keeping warm wherever I go.

To continue increasing my mileage, I’ve been running on the treadmill.  I have a goal to get to 175 miles per week.  Last week I ran 27 miles and am attempting to increase my mileage by 10% per week.  So, if I remain injury free and can keep it consistent, I should reach my goal the week of June 13.  So far, I haven’t had any injuries and have really enjoyed running.  Oh, by the way . . . all of these miles have been/will be barefoot.  After I recovered from my five week respiratory infection (which ended in early January) I began running again.  I took most of December off.  Since I began logging my miles this year, I’ve run 85 miles barefoot on the treadmill.  My longest run to date was eight miles which I’ve done twice.

My diet also changed a bit as I came into the holiday season.  I dumped the conventional wisdom and started eating a diet more heavily concentrated in vegatables, fruits, and meat.  Saturated fats are no longer taboo.  One of the key concepts of my diet is that I only eat when I’m hungry.  An interesting thing about fat is that it triggers the satiety response and keeps us full for longer periods of time.  I end up eating fewer calories and haven’t been really hungry since I began this style of eating.  I cut my consumption of refined grains significantly and have subsequently lost 26 lbs.  I feel fantastic.  I have more energy and the aches and pains I was experiencing prior to consistent running have pretty much vanished.

I’m looking forward to Spring, but feel like I have made this a productive Winter.

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1. Tracey Lee - May 31, 2011

I would love to know more about what you’re eating; your basic diet and what you avoid?

I am trying to refine the way I eat as well finding that wheat is pretty bad.


2. The Barefoot MD - June 1, 2011

Hi Tracey,

What I’ve been using to guide my food choices has mainly come from The Primal Blueprint – http://goo.gl/vHAyI. I utilize it as a general guideline and appreciate his recommendation to live by the 80/20 rule. It really can get discouraging trying to live by perfection. Without making this response a book, I try to limit my carb intake to 100-150 grams per day. They come mainly in the form of vegetables, and fruits. Proteins are calculated by the 0.7 to 1.0 times your lean muscle mass to maintain your body composition and the rest comes from good saturated or monounsaturated fat. I really try to stay away from most vegetable oils like corn, canola, etc. as they are high in the polyunsaturated fats and are highly reactive with oxygen to create free radicals.

Another resource I’ve utilized to shape what I eat is the book, “Pure, White and Deadly” in conjunction with the lectures and interviews of Robert Lustig, MD. He has really done a great job at sounding the warning about our intake of sugar . . . specifically fructose, a component of sugar.

I hope that helps.