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Stem Footwear February 7, 2011

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On January 20 of last month the Outdoor Retailer Winter Market came to Salt Lake City.  Shortly prior to the show, Stem Footwear posted a message on Barefoot Runners Society website in the Utah chapter looking for volunteers to help at the booth.  I checked my schedule, and since I didn’t have anything pressing that day, so I responded that I go attend.  I ended up helping on the 20th.  It was fun . . . actually it was a blast.  I’m going a bit off topic here, but my wife and I used to have a bridal store in Texas.  Twice a year we would pack up 3/4 of our store and head to the Dallas Bridal Show.  Helping out at the trade show really took me back.  Some of the fun memories came flooding back.  I was just glad I didn’t have to set up and take down a 40′ x 40′ booth with all the wedding gowns, racks, mirrors, etc. and transport them back and forth from our store.

Anyway, the first time I met the creator of Stem Footwear, he handed me one of the shoes.

First thought . . . Wow!  This is light!  (6.3 oz to be exact.)  They use an air injected rubber which allows for high durability, high flexibility, and low weight.  Next I started crunching the shoe in my hand.  The sole and upper both collapsed under little pressure from my hand.

Next thought . . . Wow!  This thing is really flexible!

After a while, I developed a method of introducing the shoe to the retailers passing by.  I’d say, “Does your store sell shoes?”  If the answer was yes, I’d toss them the shoe.  If the answer was no, I’d tell them that they might just start carrying shoes once they experienced this shoe . . . then I’d toss them the shoe.  Without fail from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm, every person that held one of the Stem Footwear shoes exclaimed, “Wow!  This thing is light!”

From the looks of the shoe, you would think it weighed as much as any other shoe.  Once you hold it in your hands, the differences are easily apparent.

Even though all he had were size 9.5 samples and I wear an 11, I jammed my foot into one of them.  I loved it!  I wasn’t able to do any running in them, but the ground feel was great.  The toe box was ample and I could virtually, “Let my piggies free!”  There isn’t a rigid part to this shoe.  To take a quote from Jessica Lee when she tried it on, “It feels like clothing for your foot.”  My sentiments exactly, but somehow I didn’t come up with that colorful description.

I’m excited for these shoes to be released later this year.  The official release date from Stem is August 1, 2011, but I think he’s going to try and get them out sooner.  One can only hope!  My ultra beautiful and talented wife took the pictures and posted some higher resolution pics at her Salt Lake Photography blog.  Enjoy!

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1. Tuck - February 8, 2011

They look nice. Are you getting a trial pair?

2. The Barefoot MD - February 8, 2011

He said he’d get me a trial pair when they were available.